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In Haliburton County

wolf 1/ Visit the wolves at Haliburton Forest Wolf Centre. Observe the habits and interactions of the pack through one way glass from the viewing pavilion. You may get lucky and see them eating.

sculpture 2/ Hike the Sculpture Forest at the Haliburton Museum. Take a leisurely stroll on marked paths and view local artists sculptures along the way.

3/ Grave Yard tour. Visit the Maple Lake church cemetery (near Carnarvon) or the old Bethal church cemetery (near Minden). Both these cemeteries have very old gravestones that tell of a rich history going back to the days of early pioneers that farmed and toiled in the wilderness. You'll note the human toll due to various pandemics including influenza and smallpox.

river 4/ View the Minden Wild Water Reserve. Check out the wild water and knarly cedars and caves that line the banks of the river. Watch expert kayakers navigate the rapids below the Horseshoe Lake dam. Click here for More Info.

log chute 5/ Visit the Hawk River Log Chute. See the recently restored example of a traditional log chute that was originally used to transfer logs between the lakes on route to the saw mills. A very scenic area as well and a good spot to hike through trail that follows the gorge.

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