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Take Your Hobby on Vacation - Golf Tourism in Haliburton and Beyond
- Contributed by Susie Havers

Golf is an ancient sport - and one which has been incredibly popular throughout the ages. So popular, in fact, that people have played it to the detriment of other aspects of their life. In 1457, King James II of Scotland attempted to ban the game of golf as it was luring young men away from their national duty of archery practice - which they were supposed to undertake assiduously for the defense of the nation. It's an idea which many rueful modern 'golf-widows' may have some sympathy with, as their significant other or best friend heads out again to play a round, abandoning them to an afternoon alone. However, others will be very glad indeed that the edict did not take (a further three attempts to ban golf were made before the Scottish monarchy gave up and started playing the game themselves). Golf today is a pastime undertaken with all the rigor, dedication, and passion as those early lawbreakers - and many avid golfers love to combine their vacation with a spot of golf, if not make that the entire point of their vacation in the first place.

Golfing in Haliburton
Such avid golfers could do a lot worse than to visit Haliburton, Ontario. Not only is Haliburton County home to incredible scenery, a thriving arts and culture movement, and such unique tourist attractions as the Haliburton Sculpture Forest, it is also home to several world-renowned golf courses. Golfing in Haliburton not only provides a fantastic golfing experience, it also allows the discerning golfing vacationer to experience the phenomenal natural beauty of the county while engaging in one of their favorite pastimes. Mark Twain may have described golf as "a good walk spoiled", but many aficionados understand that one of golf's premier attractions is the opportunity it gives to enjoy the often breathtaking beauty of the outdoors without feeling the sense of purposeless that a simple stroll leaves some with - not to mention the essential enjoyment of the game itself!

A Popular Business
Golf tourism is very popular, and growing in popularity. Given its status as an international game, and the presence of rules which can accommodate every peculiarity of the local landscape, many golfers are eager to experience the game in as many different climes and on as many unique courses as possible. One can even undertake a golf cruise, during which one is taken not only to visit some of the world's most interesting courses, but may also play a round of mini golf on board ship. Scotland, generally accepted to be the home of golf, benefits enormously from golfers interested in the heritage of the sport. According to a BBC report, golf tourism is worth £1 billion to the Scottish economy, and the golf tourism industry employs in excess of 20,000 people. It is clear that golfers get a great deal of enjoyment out of their game, and will go out of their way to incorporate this favored activity into their vacations.

Gull River Golf Club
9 Holes - Par 35 - Yards 3024

Nestled between the Beaver Creek & Gull River lies Gull River Golf Club. Rolling fairways bordered by trees and meandering rivers. Call for tee off


Haliburton Highlands Golf Course
9 Holes - Par 33 - 2425 Yards

Rolling hills and a magnificent lake view from the 8th tee the Haliburton Highlands Golf Course is situated along lake Kashagawigamog with club house and patio refreshment facilities overlooking the 9th green


Haliburton Highlands
Cedar Meadows Golf Course
9 Holes - Par 34 - 2371 Yards

Located at Elephant Lake Lodge Cedar Meadows offers rolling fairways tucked in amongst heavy forest along Elephant Lake. Call for a tee off time


Cedar Meadows
Blairhampton Golf Course
18 Holes

Blairhampton is a premier 18 hole golf course located in the picturesque Haliburton Highlands. Blairhampton offers varied terrain, lush fairways and excellent greens-keeping, as well as a fully equipped pro shop, cart rental, rental clubs, and driving range and licensed club house.



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