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Haliburton is located in beautiful Ontario cottage country and has wonderful vacation packages to offer all visitors. There are many getaway resorts and lakeside cottage rentals for any type of vacation. Whether you are looking for a family vacation destination or a romantic couples retreat, there are countless different resorts and lodges that are able to meet your needs. There are incredible vacation packages at Haliburton resorts, including golf packages, fishing packages, kayaking, canoeing, snowmobiling and skiing, among others. For business getaways, there are many different resort packages that include accommodations along with conference facilities and meeting rooms.

Through this website you will find a large selection of Haliburton accommodations, including resorts, lodges, cottage rentals and bed and breakfast accommodation properties. We also list upcoming Haliburton events and festivals, and local news to keep you informed. For your convenience, we provide links to detailed maps of snowmobile trails and atv trails. In addition to these trails, there are many great hiking trails that are available for year round use. Many Haliburton resorts offer last minutes deals on vacation packages through the Haliburton tourism directory. Last minute vacation packages can be found under the button to the left. This is where resorts post any last minute deals as they try to fill up there vacancies. This is a great way to get an amazing deal on a quality Haliburton vacation package for an inexpensive highlands vacation!

Haliburton has some of the most beautiful scenery in Ontario, and offers terrific family vacations. Families looking for Ontario resorts for their vacation need not look any further than here. Haliburton has so much to offer for vacationers, whether they are looking for golfing or fishing packages, or just a resort to relax at for a weekend. Some of the best Ontario resorts are found in Haliburton, and that is why it is one of the top vacation spots in the province.

Haliburton is one of the most popular places in Ontario for people to own cottages. During the summer time, the lakes are warm and beautiful, and there are so many amazing ways to enjoy your summer. This is also why it is a popular place for Ontario resorts. The resorts draw in people who are looking for that cottage vacation setting, but are not looking to purchase property. The resorts and rental cottages give people a place to enjoy Haliburton summer vacations, without the commitment of property ownership.

During the summer time, people flock to Haliburton to enjoy vacations. There are so many resorts and lodges in the Haliburton area that people can always find their perfect holiday accommodation. Ontario resorts are unique though, in that they can offer different types of vacations at different times of the year. A resort in Haliburton County is completely different from summer to winter, and provides vacationers with completely unique experiences. The changes in seasons make Ontario resorts so amazing; they can offer people lakeside activities in the summer, and ice fishing on the same lake in the winter. This is why when people are looking for the best Ontario resorts, they often find themselves in the Haliburton Highlands.

Haliburton Highlands offers visiting tourists beautiful lakefront vistas and unspoiled wilderness hiking and wildlife observation. Algonquin Provincial Park exemplifies the rugged terrain that makes Haliburton a unique destination vacation area for families and couples seeking a more natural setting to relax in. Algonquin Park is steeped with history and it is known worldwide for the diversity of wildlife it supports, including frequent bear and moose sightings. There are a number of rustic and upscale resorts located in and adjacent to the Park. Most park situated resorts also offer fine dining options. For those that want something closer to nature there are many Park maintained campsites along the main road arteries and also campsites accessible by remote canoe access.

Situated just south of Algonquin Park is the well known 70,000 acre Haliburton Forest Wildlife Reserve. Best known for it's Wolf Centre ... Haliburton Forest also offers diverse activities such as the “Walk In The Clouds” treetop canopy tour, wolf howl events,outdoor education venues, outdoor theatre and music concert entertainment, remote lake fishing, winter dog sledding and snowmobiling. Haliburton Forest is a wonderful place to take the family or a group for a day of activities at any time of the year.

Watersports are popular in Haliburton County and there are several water ski and wakeboard schools that offer lessons to both children and adults.Thinking of something more relaxing on the water? Try the sport of stand up paddle boarding which is exploding in popularity ... the boards are even selling out in some of the sporting goods stores. Many resorts do offer complimentary onsite watersports amenities that include canoes, kayaks and sometimes paddle boats. Whatever your pleasure, cooling down on the water at a local resort or lodge is a great way to spend a hot summers day. There's no better time to take a vacation at a Haliburton resort or B&B in the Haliburton Highlands.

The Haliburton Highlands are one of the well hidden, diamonds in the rough for Ontario resort vacations. The area is home to not only many wonderful resorts, cottage resorts, inns and lodgings, but also to a wide selection of terrific restaurants and scores of local attractions and special events. Along the main street in Haliburton you will find long-time local favourites like McKeck's Blue Line and the Cozy Corner Restaurant and more. Right in the centre of town is the Head Lake Park, which hosts many weekend concerts, fairs, festivals and musical events that are sure to add to your enjoyment of your time spent in the Haliburton area.

If you are looking for something to do in Haliburton on the chilly winter weekends, look into snowmobiling. Haliburton has hundreds of kilometers worth of snowmobile trails, passing through forests and over lakes. Traveling through these trails will let you see a side of Haliburton that you didn't even know existed. There are many places where you can rent a snowmobile, just make sure that you purchase a weekend trail permit and follow all of the safety rules.

Every year, on a cold, January weekend, the Haliburton County community gets together to host the National Pond Hockey Championship. This tournament welcomes any pond hockey team from across Canada to come and compete for the coveted title of National Pond Hockey Champions. Hundreds of people turnout each year to play in the tournament, and also watch as it all unfolds. This year the tournament featured the film debut of "There's Something in the Water?" a documentary film on Haliburton, the disproportion number of hockey stars it has produced, and how the people here seem to be drawn to the sport of hockey.

If the Muskokas are the gem of cottage country in Ontario, the Haliburton Highlands are most certainly Ontario cottage country's diamond in the rough. Although we share much of the same landscape and natural scenery, Haliburton is less developed and crowded, and its people are just a little more laid-back. With fewer people and less industry, the pace of life here is more relaxed than in the Muskoka Lake region. In Haliburton, you can take your time, and enjoy our untouched natural wilderness in peace and tranquility. Many people are beginning to discover Haliburton and are making it their go-to place in Ontario cottage county, and you should too! We have terrific local attractions, including miles and miles of public hiking trails, public docks & parks and much, much more. Haliburton is a great place it is to visit, cottage and live.

Haliburton is home to some of Ontario's finest artists, craftsmen and creative talents. For more than twenty years, one of the largest tourist attractions in the area has been the Haliburton County Studio Tour. This tour brings to Haliburton thousands of visitors from all over Ontario to show off the county's artistic talents. The Studio Tour takes visitors around the entire county, travelling to dozens of artist studios to see demonstrations and to view and purchase unique handmade crafts and pieces of art. The tour is held on two weekends each fall when the autumn colours are at their finest; on the weekend before Thanksgiving and on Thanksgiving weekend.

The Haliburton Highlands explodes with life in summer. Whether it is cottagers coming up to enjoy their Haliburton cottages on warm summer weekends, or tourists coming up for summer resort vacations, it's no secret that summer time in Haliburton is absolutely beautiful. If you are looking for a terrific tourist destination in Ontario, the Haliburton Highlands has so much to offer, including a variety of great lakeside accommodations and many local activities and attractions.

For generations now, families have been coming up to enjoy their summers in the Haliburton Highlands. From grandparents, to parents, to children, everyone can enjoy this vacation playland. The Haliburton Highlands offers beautiful surroundings, warm weather, crystal clear lakes, and more spectacular scenery than any other Ontario vacation destination. We have plenty of local attractions, including summer festivals & carnivals, artists, and activities. When you come up for a family vacation in Haliburton, you'll quickly see why it is a favourite to so many families already.

Year-round, the Haliburton Highlands is host to many wonderful outdoor festivals and events. In the summer months, we host wakeboarding festivals, art festivals, concerts and more, while in the winter there are outdoor hockey tournaments, dog sledding events, and other family-friendly activities. If you would like to know more about upcoming local activities and attractions that you can bring your family to while on your Ontario vacation in cottage country, please keep your eye on our frequently updated Events page to make sure you don't miss anything!

Head Outdoors in Haliburton
- Contributed by Susie Havers

Haliburton is rightly known as Ontario's tourist heart, a mecca for vacationers looking to get away from it all, relax and unwind. The county hosts a firmly established film festival, and is also well known for its highly regarded art and antique stores where you can buy a host of curiosities and hand crafted artisan products. But perhaps the best thing to do when visiting Haliburton is to explore the lakes, rivers and wilderness areas that dominate the area: it is one of the best areas in Canada to safely explore the great outdoors. The region is noted for its similarities to the Scottish Highlands (in fact it is sometimes referred to as the Haliburton Highlands) and just like the Scottish highlands is best explored by getting active and getting closer to nature. Want to explore the great outdoors in Haliburton? Then here are some of the region's highlights:

Summer Sun in Haliburton
Haliburton is the ideal place to take to the water. Whether you prefer boating, fishing, or canoeing and kayaking, you'll find that there's something for everyone. The Haliburton Highlands Water Trails are made up of more than 28,000 hectares of public lakes and rivers that are perfect for enjoying small crafts and the slower rivers are ideal for improving your skills, or learning those skills from scratch. The region is known as a fishing paradise, with over 50 lakes that are open to fishers. Here you'll find a wide variety of trout, such as rainbow trout, lake trout and speckled trout. With an abundance of fish available, it's unlikely that you'll go home empty handed!

Prefer life on dry land? Then take to two wheels and cycle across Haliburton. The region offers a varied road network and a series of trails that are ideal for cyclists, and you'll find that a host of keen cyclists visit the region to enjoy fresh air, great scenery, and to take part in the annual cycling festival. Because Haliburton is an established tourist destination, you'll also find all of the things you might need within the town of Haliburton itself -organizing tours and day trips and shopping for any essential travel supplies you may have left at home. This is also a great place to visit a spa and unwind after all of the exercise involved in your activities. If you're looking for vacation resorts and lots of outdoor activities then you really couldn't choose a better destination than Haliburton.

Haliburton in the Winter Months
Haliburton is a year-round resort region, and there's plenty to do to keep you occupied if you visit when there's snow on the ground. In fact, Haliburton is an ideal winter destination: The opportunities for winter fun in Haliburton are almost endless. Adults and children alike will enjoy a dog sledding experience with Winterdance Dogsled Tours. There's no better thrill than dogsledding and learning to drive a dogsled of your very own, under the expert eye of husband and wife team Hank DeBruin and Tanya McCready-DeBruin with the help of their 150 purebred and fully trained Siberian husky dogs. Not only will you get the adrenalin rush of travelling at speed, you'll also be afforded the opportunity experience the solitude, remoteness and picturesque beauty of the wilderness north of Haliburton Lake on a piece of privately owned land. That means you'll have free rein to learn how to mush your dog team without the risk of crashing into anyone!

For something a little more physically hands on, try the Haliburton Highlands Nordic Trails. The Haliburton Nordic Trails Association is a non-profit organization which helps to preserve and maintain the quality of the cross country trails in the area. These trails are ideal for cross country skiing across a wide variety of different terrains and last year the Association even introduced a beautiful lakeside trail to the area, suitable for both beginner and intermediate cross country skiers. You can also try traditional skiing and snowboarding in the area. Finally for true thrill seekers, why not rent a snow mobile? With over 1,700 km of snow mobile trails to explore, and no experience necessary to ride one, it's a fantastic adventure that you'll never forget.

Haliburton Media
Haliburton Tourism Shows Increased Traffic

Haliburton, Ontario - The Haliburton Tourism Directory of Ontario resorts, lodges, B&B's has shown remarkable increases in unique visitors this summer season. "Our hits are up 50% July 2011 comparison to July 2012, and we believe that the hot weather this season is driving part of this" reports Mark Coles, owner of Haliburton Tourism and search engine marketing company First Page SEO . "Most of our resort clients are reporting that are sales up over last year in the 10% to 20% increase range. This is especially true of the cottage resorts which seem to be favored right now over the full service American plan suite resorts. However, even with these optimistic increases, we are not out of the woods yet. Most resorts do not run 100% full summer occupancy as they did prerecession. Many accommodation properties have resorted to renting part weeks of the summer instead of full weeks, as in previous years, to partially fill surplus inventory", reports Coles.

The Haliburton Tourism Directory has steadily risen in popularity over the years, and the accommodation and event directory now is currently second page on Google for "Ontario resorts". "Our site placement is also a contributing factor in the unique visitor onsite traffic increase ... and, without a doubt, the website is pulling more visitors in the central Ontario Haliburton Highlands tourist district. We have always been the top placing web based resource for Haliburton resorts and accommodations but now we are also leveraging the wider Ontario vacation market," says Coles.

"Things are also looking up provincially for many resort properties, but the industry could certainly benefit from increased Provincial promotion of the Ontario brand and Federal promotion of the visit Canada destination marketing. Recently, Ontario government spending has been cut back and, in some cases, marketing has been pushed to non- government ad hock agencies that simply don't have the budgets to be effective with destination advertising. Tourism is a clean industry and provides revenue dispersal through all levels of the economy. We have the product, but we need the means for increased destination marketing," claims Coles.

Over the last ten years the internet has been the principle means of attracting tourists to book at Ontario vacation properties with over 80% of all stays resulting from searches on the web.

Haliburton Tourism Participates in Ontario Sensational Vacations Program

Haliburton, Ontario - Haliburton Tourism, the leading directory for hospitality accommodations in the Haliburton County, has recently announced that they will be participating in the Sensational Ontario Vacations promotion offered by award winning web marketer First Page SEO (www.first-page-seo.com).

The Sensational Ontario Vacations promotion is a one-time campaign run by First Page SEO. The promotion consists of a web blast email going out to almost 90,000 unique recipients across Ontario and a permanent webpage set up with links to participating resort websites. The permanent page is being promoted through a Google Adwords campaign, and as well the campaign has the support from Haliburton Tourism. The campaign is aimed at driving vacation traffic to Ontario hospitality accommodators by showing vacationers the amazing locations and getaways that are available in their own back yards that are offering great vacation values.

Haliburton Tourism's participation in the campaign is not limited to just the mail out and webpage listing, but will also include hosting a subpage for the promotion. "As the leading hospitality directory in Haliburton, it made sense for First Page SEO to partner with Haliburton Tourism for this promotion," said Mark Coles, senior partner of First Page SEO and manager of the Haliburton Tourism website. Haliburton Tourism will be opening up a new subpage that will be entitled "Sensational Ontario Vacations" which will provide another medium for vacationers to find amazing best value local accommodation packages. The new subpage will have a listing of all of the participating Haliburton County resorts, inns, lodges and bed & breakfast properties, directing Haliburton Tourism visitors to their websites. With the high volume of traffic that goes through the Haliburton Tourism website, this will further increase the traffic to participating websites.

As for the mail out and permanent web address, Haliburton Tourism will have the same links as all other Ontario directories, and participating hospitality properties across Ontario. The only difference is that Haliburton Tourism will host an additional subpage directing people to other Haliburton County accommodations that are participating in the promotion.

Haliburton Tourism is a guide to help you find the best accommodations for your Ontario resort vacation. The Haliburton Highlands are home to many stunning lakes and forests that can add a degree of beauty to your family vacation that cannot be found anywhere else. There are many wonderful resorts and restaurants to be found in the Haliburton area for you to enjoy. Please look through our accommodations and directories to what Haliburton inn, lodge, bed & breakfast or resort suits your lifestyle best for the perfect vacation in Ontario.

Here in the Haliburton Highlands, there is always a plethora of wonderful things to do. For your adventure in the Haliburton Highlands, there are many exciting outdoor activities for every season, making the Halliburton region one of the best places for an Ontario resort getaway, any time of the year. Almost all of the resorts, inns and lodges in the area have on site activities to keep and your family busy while on holiday, plus there are numerous attractions, activities and events nearby and in the surrounding area.

The winter months in Haliburton Highlands are a favorite time of year for outdoor enthusiasts and sportsmen. Haliburton is home to a wonderful variety of outdoor activities for the whole family. Here, we have Sir Sam's Ski Hill which boasts terrific downhill skiing and snowboarding. Sir Sam's has several ski runs and, on most days, there is little waiting for a lift. On Haliburton's many lakes, ice fishing is popular. If you'd like to give it a try, ice fishing equipment and packages are available. As well, many Haliburton resorts will arrange snowmobile rentals for their guests. There is always something to do in Haliburton County if you are looking for a winter getaway in Ontario. Winter in Haliburton County is a beautiful season, not to be missed.

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