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horseback Horseback riding in the Haliburton Highlands can be a magical experience. South Algonquin Trails is a large stable operation that features trail riding, equestrian training, beginners intro to horseback riding (including mechanical simulators), horseback riding lessons and wilderness excursions on horseback. South Algonquin Trails is open all year round and even takes groups of riders right into Algonquin Provincial Park.

Algonquin Park is right next door to the stable and it is Ontario's largest Provincial Park and a wilderness gem. Riding on horseback in the Park on remote wilderness trails is as close as one can get to turning the clock back to a time before roads an automobiles. See spectacular scenery and partake in great wildlife viewing opportunities. The ride guides are experts and can match you up with the right horse and tailor the ride and pace to the group.

horseback riding
horse riding

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